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The purpose of the publishing project Just Russia is to present Russia as an exciting place with many attractions for tourists. Most foreigners know Russia by its two major cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg. In addition to these two historic places, Just Russia offers a glimpse at other no less interesting travel destinations in the country: the ancient cities of The Golden Ring, North and Northwest, the Volga River region, the Baltic and the Black Sea coasts, the Caucasus, the Urals, Sibera, Lake Baikal and the Far East.

Just Russia has been published since 2001 by the Russian Union of Travel Industry, Russia's largest tourism business association that represents over 2500 tour operators, hotels, resorts, transportation companies, insurance providers, educational institutions, regional tourism associations and administrative bodies as well as media outlets.
The project has included dozens of print and multimedia publications about travel opportunities throughout the various regions of Russia. The publications have been made available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese. Since the beginning of the project, the total circulation has reached over 200,000 copies.

Just Russia publications are distributed at international tourism trade shows and are presented to heads of travel companies and industry associations who may be interested in partnerships with Russian travel-related businesses. Publications are also made available to journalists as well as to companies that may become potential investors in the Russian economy.

We sincerely hope that this web-site and our richly illustrated publications will inspire you to go on an exciting adventure in Russia, this vast and beautiful land.
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